Bill Saunders, a former mattress factory worker who now runs a community radio station in Charleston, South Carolina, tells of his involvement in creating a hospital workers' organization at the Medical College Hospital in Charleston and of his role in the 1969 100-day-long hospital workers' strike.

"It was really an experience for me, because again, I was able to learn that there were whites that were suffering the same way that blacks was as it relates to economics. Now, not having access to all of the restrooms, not getting into the lunchroom, they didn't have those problems. But, actually, they weren't making any money, and that's where the problem lies."
Bill Saunders

Where is he now?
Bill Saunders continued on to become a radio host on public service and information shows, and a teacher in South Carolina, as well as holding a tenure on the Public Service Commission of South Carolina from 1994-2004. He continues to be a community leader who teaches Sunday School, advocates for sanitation workers, and fights to keep John’s Island for the benefit of its citizens, not for outside developers.

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